Allene Quincy, who goes by “Quincy,” is an actress, comic, singer and writer who lives in New York City and Los Angeles. She is originally from the Southern United States, having mainly grown up in Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana…

Quincy was an exchange student in Germany in high school and in Japan in college. She uses both languages in her comedy and writing. She created a musical series entitled, “My 2 Black Girlfriends” in 2014, and is currently working on a half-hour pilot, “Me and my Arab.” Quincy prides herself on her ability to pick up foreign languages quickly and is currently studying Spanish… As an actress she has been cast alongside Joan Collins in the U.K. as a “Romanian Nurse Ratched,” as a country-singing waitress in A Holly Hunter film, as a mafiosi “other woman” in Jennifer Carpenter’s series “Limitless,” to name a few roles.

Quincy is the mother of 2 Italian greyhounds: Dulcinea and Brando.

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